Latest FAQ update on 10 apr 2002

For some time now, lotsa people have been askin' me lotsa the same questions.
So I don't have to answer the same questions over and over again,
I posted this FAQ here.

Q: I downloaded [...] program from your page,how do I?..
A: Do you think I'm 'tech support' or what?

Q: I get files with strange extensions. What must do with this file?
A: Rename to .zip (sometimes to .exe)

Q: How to contact you?
A: Post your message and contact information in
alt.anonymous.messages news group with subject
subject line must be *exactly* as above, copy-paste it

Note:If you can help with web space for my page,use this e-mail
F.O.S.I. public PGP key Only RSA keys will be accepted.
You also can search for public key at keyserver,
key ID is 0x4A2A77D1
Please do not send webspace offers on free webhosting
servers like xoom,fortunecity,crosswinds,freedrive etc.

Again: feed-back is not available. This means: do not mail appz requests,
questions about the cursor trail, complaints about non working downloads,
(all answers on this question are in this faq), links exchange offers.
All these mails will be ignored. Sorry for that.

Q: I can't offer you any web space. How else I can help?
A: Please Sign up for trial account at my sponsor (banner is on
the main page). Thank you very much in advance.

Q: Why you don`t allow download managers to use at your site?
A: ?
Download managers works here.

Q: I can`t download anything! Page reloads or I get an error message.
A: Disable your firewall, (AtGuard for example), proxy server
or anything that blocks the referral fields.
That`s *not* mean you *must* disable firewall.
That`s only because some firewalls have disable referrers by default.
Verify your firewall settings.

Note:Server with links database may be down sometimes.
If so,come back to this page the next day, sorry for any inconvenience.

Q: Your "visit" site too slow!
A: Pages from "visit" links is NOT MINE.
So, please don`t ask, because I don`t know.

Q: Why are there only 36 programs here,
(without these fuckin` "visit" links to other pages) ??

A: I think 36 working links to full retail software are better
than 360 links to shareware (why not download shareware stuff from
official sites?) + a few non working links to retail programs.

Advice:Don`t download shareware from lame warez pages.
Get them from official program homepage or from a registered
distributor like,, and so on. Then... It`s easy to find the
crack or s/n for a proggy or simply crack this piece of shit yourself =o]

Q: [...] file corrupt! I get CRC error!
A: All OK with all files.Hundreds of people have downloaded
them and only ~1 or 2 out of 10000 have problems like CRC error.
Try to download them again with another program.

Q: Hey man, can I make mirror of your site?
A: I`m not in need of any mirrors and please don`t steal my links. You can
download programz and put them on your own server or somewhere else,then link them.

Q: Can I link to your site from mine?
A: Yes, use one of 3 redirection URL`s listed on the main page.
You can get my banners here.

Q: Why you can`t add description for programs on your page?
A: Programs here are for people who know what the hell
they want,and just want to have the full version.
I DON`T post any SHIT.For cracked garbage go to another place.

22 dec 1998 - Some descriptions added

Q: What the fuck? Can you remove these annoying graphics
and leave only text links to the programz?
Or do you think I come here to look at your stupid download buttons?

A: I enjoy making graphics, :) Maybe it sounds silly,
but it`s my page.Yer getting it for free, DON'T BITCH!

Q: Link to [...] not working! Please fix it.
A: Sure, when it's possible. Or I`ll replace it.

Q: Can you add on your page or know where to download [...] program?
A: No.I can't add it, and don't know where to download it.
Heh,go to the software store and buy it.

Q: Someone told me he got virus from one of your programs! Is this true?
A: First of all, these programs are not mine. I don't write programs ;)
About viruses: It COULD BE true, if this "someone"
could answer these questions:

- What antivirus program are you using?
- Which program did the anti virus program find the virus in?
- What is the name of the virus found?

But, I`m sure, he can`t even answer the first question.
Anyway, I suggest you check all programs for viruses
that you download from any warez pages.

Note: Q&A Is your blackice "trojaned"??
Blackice is not mine, it written by networkice programmers. :)
So, the answer is No, unless their software infected itself,
because "mine" blackice is the same as networkice selling.
If you not sure, I can only advice to remove it from your hard
drive or buy it (like any other program you downloaded for
testing from here) and compare installed files.

Q: Your page/graphics/etc terrible(great)! What are you use to made it?
A: Photoshop 4.0.1 + few plugins,Ulead GifAnimator and HomeSite 3.01.

Q: Fuck you! Your page sux! The links aren`t working
and graphics look like bullshit!

A: Fuck yourself and never come here again.

Q: You`re cracker?
A: No. Err.. correction:
I`m crackin` only for myself and I never distribute my cracks.
Btw,retail programz are better than cracked shareware garbage ;-)

Q: "I have downloaded [...] program from your site and
it crashed my windows,deleted all information on my HDD...",
"your cracked audiograbber doesn`t work,it`s a fake",etc...

A: I NEVER change the original installation code.
What software publishers offer for money,I offer it
for free.That`s it.And if the programs not working
perfectly,I will never crack them (can I do this or not)

Q: Downloads are too slow :-(
A: : And what can I do about it? Put the progs on another server?
Downloads are slow,`cuz too many users are downloading programs at one
time,lamers are stealing my links and posting them on their pages,etc...
On other servers, the same thing would happen.

Note:I always put the new programz on fast servers.
Try to visit this page at least once every 2 weeks.

Q: I have some free webspace to offer you,are you interested?
A: Yes I am, but DON`T send me links to free web hosting servers.
Or you think i`m too stupid and don`t know about this servers myself?

Q: I also clicked on your banners,can you add more progz for my help!?
A: I pay big money for online time to support
this page with a few progz,so don`t demand too much from me.

Note:Sponsor pay me for sign-up`s, not for clicks.
If you want to help, please sign-up at least for that trial account for 2.95$

Q: Are these programs from your site freeware?
A: No, they are copyrighted retail software. You may not download them at all.
But if you decided to download them anyway,
please use them only for testing purposes,
then delete or, if you like specific software, pay to the authors.

Q: I have [...] program, full&retail! Are you interested?
A: Me? -no. For my page? -maybe. Put it somewhere,i will link to your page
(or directly to this program,if you'll give me permission or don`t have page yet).

Q: Do you have other pages? URL`s?
A: Yes,I have.But sorry,I can`t give the URL`s to you.

Q: Can you make a mailing list for when your page is updated?
A: Sure I can.But often I change only a few pics on the site or change a link
when a program is deleted. Do you really want this extra SPAM in your mailbox?

Q: What do you mean: temporarily re-animated? How long will your page be up?
A: As long as I can support it.Maybe a few months,maybe less.
Maybe tomorrow the page will die forever.

Q: I got [...] program from your page,but it
requires a serial number! Can you send it to me?

A: The s/n in the fosi.nfo file (included in the zip or exe archive)
Use notepad.exe or WordPad to read it.

Q: How often do you update your page?
A: When I get new APPZ and can afford to be online.

Q: Any other questions like "Where you get these programs?",
"Who are you and where are you from?",
"Do you know that you are providing copyrighted software?
You must delete this page in few hours or we...".

A: No answer.

Q: This FAQ did not solved my problem, what shold I do?
A: Visit your psychiatrist.

[...] mean any program name and sorry about my bad english.